IMPORTANT NOTICE: From 1 October 2023, all learners attending SkillsFuture Singapore's (SSG) funded courses must take their attendance digitally via the Singpass App.


WSQ Course

Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications is a national credentialing system that trains, develops, assesses, and certifies workforce skills and competencies. As a system of continued education and training. Encourage the acknowledgment of abilities and competencies in order to facilitate advancement, mastery, and mobility. Promote comprehensive workforce development through technical and generic skills and abilities. Encourage lifelong learning and support economic development by professionalizing skills and capabilities to WSQ Course boost industry transformation, productivity, and innovation efforts. Employers, unions, and professional bodies certify the skills and competencies utilized in WSQ training programs, ensuring that existing and new skills and competencies in demand are used to inform training and development.

WSQ programs adopt the Skills Frameworks’ skills and competencies and are supported and quality-assured by SkillsFuture Singapore, which grants WSQ course. A solid quality assurance system underpins WSQ. Stringent criteria are implemented to ensure the essential standards and delivery, from creating Technical Skills and Competencies and Critical Core Skills to authorizing Training Providers and giving WSQ certifications. To assist in establishing a robust training infrastructure that supports Singapore’s workforce development, a systematic and efficient system has been built.

Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) courses or qualifications are nationally recognized qualifications. It is an honor for a Certification to receive certification from SkillsFuture Singapore Workforce Singapore. The WSQ system is a nationwide credentialing system that is designed to train, develop, assess, and certify adult workers’ skills and competencies. , manages it (MOE). Individual learners can apply for up to course fee financing for WSQ courses, which are eligible for course subsidies. Employers who sponsor their employees for training can also receive course fee financing up to and apply for absentee payroll funding. knowledge and skills required to complete specific project goals and objectives on schedule, within budget, and according to specification It entails managing the project life cycle phases of initiating, planning, execution, controlling and monitoring, and closure. Allows students to apply, display, and practice their knowledge and abilities in project management through classroom and practical activities.

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