Contract Development for Fair Tenancy

Course Information

To effectively negotiate, draft, review, or executetenancy contracts, you’ll require the know-how to;

• Comprehendprocedures, guidelinesand contractual terms
• Analyseterms and legalconsiderations
• Engagelegal teams in ensuringcompliance
After attending the course, learners will be able to:
  • Understandthe tenancy contractlifecycle, terms, and legal considerations
  • Performdocumentationand record-keeping in tenancycontract management
  • Understandcontract review processesand compliance frameworksfor tenancy contracts
  • Recognizebest practicesand amendment processesfor tenancycontracts
  • Comprehendindustry standardsfor tenancy contracts and understand legal collaboration
  • Perform negotiationand drafting techniquesfor tenancy contracts accordingto industry standards
  • At least 21 years old;
  • At least secondary school education;
  • Able to speak, listen and read English at a proficiency level not lower than the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualification Workplace Literacy Level (WPL Level 4)

Fees & Funding

SC - Singaporean Citizen

> Total Course Fees ( Before Funding or Subsidy ) Fees ($)
Full Course Fee (excluding GST)
GST on Full Course Fee
Full Course Fee (including GST)
> (Self-Sponsored) - SC 21 to 39 Years Old or PR,
(Employer-Sponsored) - non-SME <40 Years Old
Fees ($)
Course Fee Funding
(up to 50%)
Course Fee per Trainee
(Nett Course Fee excl. GST)
Course Fee payable per Trainee
(incl. GST)
Funding Category
> (Self-Sponsored) - SC 40 Years Old and Above,
(Employer-Sponsored) - non-SME >40 Years Old
or SME
Fees ($)
Course Fee Funding
(up to 70%)
Course Fee per Trainee
(Nett Course Fee excl. GST)
Course Fee per Trainee
(incl. GST)
Funding Category

*Note : Payment is required for all trainee if he/she did not complete the course (i.e. NYC, halfway drop-out).

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