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Design Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System for Engineer (Synchronous)

Course Information

This module is designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to determine theeffects of external heaton buildings throughthermal simulations, apply Design forMaintainability (DfM) principles to simplify andeconomize maintenance, and achieve costsavings by developingmore energyefficientACMV systems.
After attending the course, learners will be able to:
  • Relate ACMV specifications of component parts in designing cost effective and efficient (ACMV)systems
  • Compute Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) to achieve the thermal performanceof the building envelope
  • Establish energy modelling methodologies and submission requirements to achieve cost-effectiveand efficient ACMV systems
  • Select appropriate equipment sizing of chillers, water and airside system components over a wideoperating load condition
  • Incorporate pre-cool and carbon dioxide (CO2) demand control ventilation for designing cost-effectiveand efficient ACMV systems
  • Apply Design for Maintainability (DfM) principles in ACMV design to achieve ease, safety,and economy of maintenance tasks
  • Construct building energy modelling and thermal simulations using at least 2software tools
  • Develop ACMV schematics and detailed layout plans to achieve cost-effective andefficient ACMV Systems
  • At least 21 years old;
  • At least secondary school education;
  • Able to speak, listen and read English at a proficiency level not lower than the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualification Workplace Literacy Level (WPL Level 5)

Fees & Funding

SC - Singaporean Citizen

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*Note : Payment is required for all trainee if he/she did not complete the course (i.e. NYC, halfway drop-out).

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